Best Stainless Steel Kitchen Paper Towel Holder Stand – Tension Spring Arm for Easy Roll of 1+ Sheets – Perfect Tear Dispenser Tension Arm, Weighted Anti-slip Base Countertop Model

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  • SIMPLE TEAR STAND: The Simple Tear Paper Towel Holder is designed for a true one-handed operations, every single time. The stainless steel tension arm adjusts for rolls of every size. Internal resistance stops paper towels from unraveling, even when grabbing on the go. The weighted stainless steel and anti-slip base keeps the Paper Towel in place. The spring-loaded arm fits any brand or size paper towel roll and keeps the towel’s edge accessible at all times.
  • EASY TO LOAD ONE-HANDED OPERATING: Carefully engineered for a one-handed tear, every time. Gleaming brushed stainless steel paper towel holder with adjustable tension arm design allows for a single sheet tear using just one hand. Extra sturdy and weighted base offers stability for paper towel holder to stay in place on any countertop without it tipping over or slipping.
  • MODERN DURABLE AND SECURE USAGE: Single tear paper towel holder features long-lasting durability high enough to hold all sizes of kitchen paper towels. This paper towel holder is addition to any kitchen, Dining rooms etc. Made of high quality Premium Stainless Steel, resist rust and corrosion, ensuring durable and safe to use, non- toxic and detachable.
  • SLICK AND EASY TO USE: Support arm with a round head helps to firmly tear down the paper towel, preventing rolling and excess paper towels. Anti-Slip bottom to prevents the stand alone paper towel holder from falling down during use. Dimensions: 13 inches x 10 inches x 6.7 inches. Works with various sizes of paper rolls.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN & POLISHED STAINLESS STEEL – Our free standing tower is perfect for a home cook and expert chef with the silver chrome look. Solid construction with no wall mount needed. A perfect kitchenaid choice to pamper yourself and accent you kitchen. It can also be used as storage for the bathroom and toilet paper rolls.
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New, Improved, Stainless Steel Paper Towel Holder with Tension Bar

The paper towel holder is a modern-day kitchen essential. In most cases, it’s the first thing you reach for when you need to quickly clean something up or wipe something down. Unlike traditional mounted paper towel rack holders that are fixed in place, the Fijoo Standing Paper Towel Holder gives you the flexibility and convenience to move it around to where it’s needed most.

Easy to Load and Use One-Handed Tear Every Time:
Simply pull back a sheet of paper towel, give a firm ‘tug’ from the top down to tear the sheet away along the paper towel perforation. It may take an attempt or two, but you’ll have the technique mastered before you know it. Now you can keep your paper towels close at hand and easy to access when you need.

Best in Quality High Grade Stainless Steel
Fijoo Kitchen Standing Countertop Paper Towel Holder is made of 304 Stainless Steel Material. It comes with weighted, rubber coated base which helps keeps the stand sturdy and prevent slipping when you tug at the towels. It gets the job done easily.
The secret is the unique shape of the 13 inch spine. It’s been engineered to provide just the right amount of resistance to hold the core of any standard size paper towel roll in place so you get an easy tear every time. No matter what brand or size paper towel roll you use, the tension arm automatically adjusts to the width of the roll which keeps the paper towel edge accessible at all times.




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